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TutorTheBronx is invested in helping children excel, and enlightening parents to tutor their own children. Our plan is huge, and evolving. TutorTheBronx intends to employ and train our neighbors through job skills training, certified teachers, and other dynamic professionals to allow our ideas come to fruition. There is major need in our borough and we are here to help familes thrive!

Stay tuned as our plans unfold daily.


Tutor The Bronx in-home services

Students who seek our services in-home will be assessed by senior tutors, and interviewed along  side parents. Parental also complete a questionnaire to get a prospectus on the needed and capacities of the student. 

In-Home students are welcome to participate in all workshops, and forums. Parental involvment is required as extensive communication and collaboration is required to ensure students' success.


Monday – Friday
 2pm - 730pm

Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday Special Event & By appointment Only


CLIENTS LOCATION; Partner schools; Center TBD


ELA/Math grade 3-8 

SMALL GROUP INSTRUCTION: that guarantees improvement in ELA and Math score for NYS Standardized Testing administered every spring. 

Parents are required to participate in various session including the 1st in the series. This program has a Saturday series as well as an intensive  that runs over 3 consecutive days during spring break. 

ELA/Math grade 3-8




Community Partner Location TBD



The SHSAt is for NYCs best and brightest 7th and 8th graders. This program is for the entry exam for NYC's best HighSchools and teaches tech taking skills. 

TTB's SHSAT program will review all areas of math found on the exam and review DOE suggested problems that will help in focusing the students mind on what is needed for the exam. This exam is a test of skill, and strategy- primarily time management.  

Get ready for it with us. Contact TTB today. 


August, September, October
Small Group or Indivdual


In-Home; Center based (TBD)

We have a responsibility to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, from prekindergarten to elementary and secondary, to special education, to technical and higher education and beyond.
— Jim Jeffords
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Via forgotten NY