Our Mission

Tutor The Bronx, Inc. (TTB) aims to provide tutoring and academic support  services the most underserved  areas of The Bronx through in-home, and out-of -school tutoring. With the help of community partners, we hold workshops, forums, and other events based solely in education and enrichment. 

Tutor The Bronx, Inc. has amassed specialization in tutoring of all ages, particularly K-8 students  in public, charter, and non public school settings. We also specialize in SHSAT, standardize testing, and regents prep. We have a network of teachers, instructors, professional tutors, and future educators who are dedicated to the TTB mission.

TTB seeks mandatory parental involvement in tutoring processes, and community building via programming. Our short term goal it to focus efforts in bi-monthly or quarterly workshops and free programming that further supports schools, and other community partners including  other nonprofits, after school programs, churches, and extracurricular sports programs.  



The Tutoring industry is..



a $7 billion dollar industry (CNBC, 2014; ATP).
Private industry should not profitize learning.  

Tutoring in our communities are often done via subsidized after school programming. These programs typically dedicate one hour  per day to "homework help," and most are  provided in groups. Not all children will flourish in group settings.

Tutor the Bronx, Inc. provides services to help the child's individual needs.



About Our Founder

Founded by a Native Bronxite and mom, Tashi Hughes-Duncan  created TutorTheBronx, Inc. to help resolve borough wide educational disparities. TTB is the cure to many issues that face The Bronx borough today: lack of after school resources (that focus on academics as priority #1), lack of parental involvement (for various reasons), and socioeconomic factors and disparities. On the latter, there is a grave differences in-school services between public, charter, and non public school students.

As a former public school student herself, our founder has seen the differences in effectiveness between schools, teachers, and even after school/aftercare providers. She found that her son, who is a highly proficiently in math and science, was being disserviced by providers who were suppose to ensure his educational growth was fostered. Many nights she would have to reteach lessons to ensure understanding.

She is a long time technical instructor and Assessor with U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and aspiring teacher- professional tutor, and SETSS/IEP support provider at a Catholic school in the Bronx. She found her niche in helping other parents help their children.  

She is a first generation college graduate, and advanced degree holder from City University of New York John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  She will begin her second Masters degree in Special Education in the fall of 2018. 

Our founder is seasoned and inspired to help the children and families of the Bronx (and all over!).



Local Partners

We actively communicate with local Schools and their parent coordinators to extend our services to their students. Collaboration allow parent the opportunity to explore our programming as an addition to school, and any other services their child(ren) receive. 

Tutor The Bronx seek to compound and supplement all that is provided already. We also advocate for children academic needs by enlightening parents/guardians, and any other stakeholders to any potential remedies for student issue, and academic concerns. We do do referrals. 

We have worked with Public and catholic schools, and other nonprofits.