Our Impact & Goals

The North Bronx is, what we have deemed, all areas north of fordham and east of webster. We have a particular focus on Wakefield, Pelham, Baychester, Williamsbridge, Allerton, Coop City, Olinville, and Eastchester. 

There are far few NonProfits in the North Bronx, and none that focus primarily on academics. Tutor The Bronx, Inc. provides tutoring to students who can not afford for-profit competitors. TTB participants are able to use services via in-school services, in-center, and at home; services are also in small group, workshops, and individually. 

TTB's Mission will  do its part to eliminate educational disparities for these students as they navigator the education system year after year grade after grade, and exam after exam. We also seek community partners as the "it takes a village" manta is sacred, and proven to help build rapport and reciprocal support for both the organization and its student/participants. 

Our founding tutors have been able to help students pass state exams from the Promotion-in-Doubt state, and have improved failing students to 2nd honors, or 80-85 average, with decoding skills have improved across the board.  


Small Group Instruction & Workshops with Community Partners

Our Founder watches on attentively as attendees of our SPRING 2018 ELA WORKSHOP respond to: "What are details?"


TTB will host several workshops.
Many will coincide with state exams, the NYC Department of Education vacation schedule, and major public school events. 




Aims to eliminate the financial burdens associated with private tutoring services and for profit tutoring centers.

Aims to eliminate the education disparities demographically, socially, and environmentally.

Aims to improve community wide achievement rates providing resources directly to students via in school, in center, and workshop programming.

Aims to educate parents on the importance of continued involvement; promote parental involvement in our servicing, and keep parents abreast of new techniques, and strategies used in the classroom, and standardized testing.